Tarmac restoration imageTarmac restoration image

Tarmac restoration

Tarmac driveways will over a period of time effectively 'dry out', crack, and lose colour. This is caused by the sun, wind and rain. Part of our tarmac restoration service is applying a tarmac product that replaces the lost resin and re-colours the surface leaving it with that that 'just laid' look once more.

Benefits of Tarmac Restoration include:-

  • Avoids complete tarmac resurfacing
  • Restores the original colour and look of the tarmac
  • Replaces lost resin's.
  • Matches in extended and repaired areas
  • Covers existing stains
  • Stabilises cracks and loose tarmac chippings

GWDriveway Cleaning can also repair cracks and damaged areas within the driveway . To view our Tarmac restoration gallery Click here for before and after pictures.

If your tarmac driveway need is looking 'tired', please call Gavin Ruane on 0208 7404007 for a FREE quotation or fill in our online enquiry form.