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Imprinted Concrete

All Imprinted Concrete driveway's and patio's need to be throughly cleaned and sealed every few years to keep them in optimum condition. The application of a good quality acrylic  sealer will protect the surface from loss of colour, stains and algae.

GW Driveway Cleaning specialise in all aspects of imprinted concrete sealing and restoration, If the surface is in poor condition it can also be re-coloured.

Imprinted Concrete Restoration Proces

  • Step 1- Throughly clean the surface with our high pressure cleaning equipment, removing all dirt, muck, and algae from the driveway or patio.  
  • Step 2-  If required, once dry, lost colour is re-introduced into the concrete slab, by a solution of sealer combined with pigment  and thinners.
  • Step 3- When a uniform colour finish has been acheived,additional sealer will be applied to create a long term, hard wearing finish.

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For a on site survey for cleaning, re-sealing or maybe full restoration of imprinted concrete please Gavin Ruane on 0208 7404007- 07970633762 or simply fill in our online enquiry form.