Driveway cleaning imageDriveway cleaning image

Driveway cleaning

Block paving & paved driveways are always vulnerable to colour loss, moss & weed growth in the joints, and algaes on the surface.This is due to the porous nature of most pavers and the kiln dried sand within the joints.

Of course any external surface in the UK will also soon become dirty from the effects of the weather, spoiling the driveways appearance.

Our high quality professional cleaning equipment will remove virtually all dirt, moss, algae, weeds from the driveway. As approved installers of Smartseal superior block paving sealers & paving sealants, once dry the paving can be treated with block paving sealer to protect it and keep it looking good long term.

To see pictures of block paved driveways and other paved areas that have been cleaned, sealed and restored, please click here

If your paved driveway requires attention please call Gavin on 0208 740 4007 or fill our online enquiry form  we will then be in touch very soon.